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What is happening to the brain during hypnosis?

Brainwaves can be thought of as radio waves with varying speeds and frequencies. Chances are that whilst reading this you are in Beta wave which is the alert wide awake state. As we close our eyes, relax, and focus in either meditation, prayer, yoga or light hypnosis the waves move into a slower state called Alpha where you start feeling calm, aware yet still alert.


As hypnosis deepens you may move into the next level called Theta which is slower and an even deeper state whilst still remaining awake and more inwardly focused. Delta is the deepest state associated with deep sleep and often used in deep meditation. In hypnotherapy we work in the Alpha and Theta states. It has been suggested that we spend 50-80% of our time in a day dream state (Alpha) but can switch back into Beta the moment someone calls our name. 

According to Freud the human mind can be split into 3 distinctive areas of consciousness such as the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. Freud believed that the conscious mind is the shallowest part and is responsible for making sense of the things we are directly aware of, such as stress levels and consciously thinking of problems right in front of us.


The subconscious mind is at a deeper level, it is not so easily accessible. It controls how we may feel, or react to certain situations based on what we have learnt through past experiences. It also controls bodily functions such as breathing, body temperature and heart rate. The unconscious mind is the deepest part of the mind, it can include memories from traumatic events, feelings of pain, anxiety or conflict. Freud suggested the unconscious continues to influence behaviour even though people are unaware of these underlying influences.

Hypnosis allows us to bypass the conscious mind and access the subconscious where we introduce positive thoughts and ideas into the unconscious. Upon awakening these thoughts and ideas will eventually affect the conscious mind and can in turn lead to changed behaviours. 

inside any deep asking is the answering

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