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Hypnotherapy Packages

3 Sessions £200 (3.5hrs)

4 Sessions £260 (4.5hrs)

5 Sessions £320 (5.5hrs)

Vape/Smoking Cessation

One off Session £200 (2.5hrs)

Hypno Programmes

5 Sessions £420 (7hrs)

Sleep Stress Anxiety Depression

Weight loss Wellbeing & More...

Hypnosis "taster"

1 Session £45 (45mins)



Recordings by request.

£45 (40 mins)

Past Life Regression

£140 (2.5hrs)

Current Life Regression

£140 (2.5hrs)


LBL (Two parts)

Pre-session (2.5hrs)

Main Session (3.5hrs)

Total £380 (6hrs)

Regression Therapy

2 Sessions £320 (5hrs)

3 Sessions £380 (6hrs)

One off Session £200 (3hrs)

Inner Child Healing

One off Session £150 (2.5hrs)

Starseed Regression

One Off Session £150 (2.5hrs)

Ancestral Healing

One Off Session £140 (2hrs)

Energy Cleansing

One Off Session £140 (2hrs)


Coaching £60 (1hr)

Subsequent Sessions £45 (45mins)

Private Class (6 guests) £60 (1hr)

Spiritual Guidance

Coaching £60 (1hr)

Hypnosis taster

*Terms & Conditions apply. T&C's can be found in the main menu. Click here to be redirected.     

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