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Pricing & Policies


3 Sessions £200 (3.5hrs)

4 Sessions £260 (4.5hrs)

5 Sessions £320 (5.5hrs)

Smoking /Vape Cessation

One off Session (2.5hrs) £200


5 Sessions £420 (7hrs)

Sleep Stress Anxiety Depression

Weight loss Wellbeing & More...

Hypnosis "Taster"

1 Session £45 (45mins)



MP3 Recordings:£45 (40 mins)

Manifestation - Akashic Records

Your Guides -  Chakra Healing


Past Life Regression

£140 (2.5hrs)

Current Life Regression

£140 (2.5hrs)


LBL (Two parts)

Pre-session (2.5hrs)

Main Session (3.5hrs)

Total £380 (6hrs)

Regression Therapy

Past Life/Current Life

2 Sessions £320 (5hrs)

3 Sessions £380 (6hrs)

One off Session £200 (3hrs)

Inner Child Healing

One off Session £150 (2.5hrs)

Starseed Regression

One Off Session £150 (2.5hrs)

Ancestral Healing

One Off Session £140 (2hrs)

Energy Cleansing

One Off Session £140 (2hrs)


Coaching £60 (1hr)

Subsequent Sessions £45 (45mins)

Private Class (6 guests) £60 (1hr)

Spiritual Guidance

Coaching £60 (1hr)



Terms and Conditions:

Deposits - A 25% (non-refundable deposit), is required at the time of booking (deducted from final your balance). Balances must be paid in full, in advance, of your first appointment. Payment details shown, in your booking confirmation email. (I regret, I am unable to offer finance or payment plans, at this current time) 

Postponements - Understandably, an occasional postponement may be unavoidable. Please give 72 hours notice to rearrange your appointment, otherwise, the following charges may apply: booked single sessions - less than 72 hours notice = 100% fee, "no shows" = 100% fee.

Existing clients: scheduled treatment time may be deducted from your total, some sessions may be recorded in your absence. Subsequent postpones may be treated as cancelations.   

Cancellations - I regret, all cancelled bookings, missed appointments, "changes of mind", are non refundable.    

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