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Terms & Conditions

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This website is owned and operated by Debbie Eggerton. These terms set fourth, the terms and conditions you may use this website and services as offered by Debbie Eggerton. This website offers visitors a number of holistic wellbeing services such as; Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression, Current Life Regression, and Meditation. All services may involve the use of Hypnosis (excludes Meditation), which may not be suitable with certain contra indications. Visitors/clients must be18 years (or older) to access services, or 16years to access Hypnotherapy or Meditation (providing parental permission ahs been granted ). By accessing or using the website of this service, you approve that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these terms. Please read additional terms outlined below; 

Professional responsibilities:

Debbie Eggerton is an accredited Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist, bound by the GHSC code of conduct and GDPR regulations. All qualifications are highlighted on this website and are available to check through GHR, PLTA, and CNHC. 


Hypnotherapy/hypnosis is not a medical procedure; no medical benefits are being offered by Debbie Eggerton. If you are currently being treated by your doctor, and/or taking medication, you may wish to discuss the suitability of Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy with them. Always follow the advice of your doctor. Hypnotherapy/hypnosis, is dependent on a your own ability to relax, and own personal desire to create change from within. Results of sessions vary, and depend on full and serious participation from you (the client). I am cannot  offer any guarantee of success from any treatment or session but will do everything reasonable, within my ability, to support your aims. 


Free telephone consultation:

A mandatory consultation is provided for for all clients who wish to book a service, offered by Debbie Eggerton on this website and /or, those who seek to explore services further, without obligation. If you do wish to book a service directly through the website, please ensure you have received your consultation 7-10 days prior to your service appointment. Through this Debbie Eggerton will try to establish your suitability for the "service of interest"  based on the information you provide. Also, whether she is the most appropriate therapist to support your aims. Debbie Eggerton reserves the right of refusal for any of her services.  

Intake Forms:

Clients are required to complete an "intake form" at the time of booking. All information is strictly confidential and held in accordance with GDPR, except that which I am obliged to report, such as threat of injury to yourself or others. The professional relationship between you (the client) and Debbie Eggerton (therapist) is based on trust, and the reliability of the information provided by you (the client), including name, address, contact numbers etc. You (the client). Failure to provide accurate information, may result in your session being cancelled and all services withdrawn.   


All sessions (online and in-person) are recorded (unless otherwise stated) and emailed to you (the client) after each session. In the case of Hypnotherapy, this forms part of your treatment plan eg for you to listen back. Recordings are held in accordance with GDPR. No permissions are given by Debbie Eggerton to be recorded with or without her knowledge. 


All sessions are on a one to one basis, with the exception of;  Meditation classes, or a guardian needing to be present for a minor receiving Hypnotherapy. Spectators, such as friends, family members, partners etc are not permitted. 

I am unable to book services on behalf of a third party or discuss a client with a third party such as a partner, parent (over 18yrs) or family member. 

Rescheduling & cancelation policy

Understandably an occasional postponement  may be unavoidable. Please give 72 hours notice to rearrange an appointment otherwise the following charges may apply; clients who have booked a single appointment = 100% fee may be charged, "no shows" = 100% fee. Clients in multiple sessions (more than one), session time  may be deducted and/or session may take place in your absence eg recorded and sent to you. Subsequent postponements may be treated as a cancellation.  

*I regret all cancellations, "changes of mind, and "no shows are non refundable. 

The Shop:

I do hope you love your recent purchase but if you have changed your mind, please get in touch to arrange a return within 28 days  A full refund will be issued within 14 days upon receipt of your return. Please note all items must be unused, un opened and in their original state of shipping. *All items are inspected when sent out to assure the highest quality standards.

* Excludes gift cards, & recordings, All therapies and services 

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