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Frequently asked...


Can anyone be hypnotised?  

Yes, providing they are open to being. 

I have heard it’s a type of mind control?

You are in complete control throughout. 

Will I be made to do something against my will or 'cluck like a chicken'?

Definitely not. Your safety and morality remain intact throughout the process .

What if I get “stuck” in hypnosis?

This never happens.  


Is hypnosis like sleeping?

The only "similarity" is that you may feel relaxed - If anything, you're more likely to experience a heightened state of awareness.


How many sessions will I need?

All depends on the issue, your individual needs and history. I can advise during your free (no obligation) phone consultation.

I always aim to work within the shortest amount of treatment time possible to help you achieve your goals.

Do you offer a guarantee of success?

Unfortunately there are no guarantees with any type of treatment, however, I guarantee to do my very best to help.


Any hidden costs? 

Never. If your session runs over time, you will not be charged more.

Past Life Regression

Is it safe? 

Yes, with a trained Regression Therapist. 

Is it real?

Many people believe so. There is much supportive evidence/research, however, no definitive answer, currently.


Will I see images?

This largely depends on the way you interpret/experience the world around you (sometimes referred to as "learning style) Some people are visual (seeing), kinesthetic (feeling), auditory (listening) and/or you may be a mix of all.  

Do I have to believe in reincarnation?

No but having an open mind and being free of expectation is beneficial.

What if I did something in a past life that I'm not proud of?

There is never any judgement on my part and nothing that I haven’t come across before. 


Can everyone meditate?

Yes they can, it just requires a little patience and practice.

I have tried meditation before but couldn’t get it right

Its simpler than people think. Ask an experienced meditator for guidance or contact me. 

"tend to your vital heart & all that you worry about will be solved"


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