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What is it?

A therapeutic use of hypnosis to treat a wide range of conditions such as, fears, phobias, habits, disorders, and much more. In this safe, relaxed and focused state, we activate those inner resources to help achieve your goals. Also worth noting what it is not. It is not stage hypnotism, you will never be asked to "cluck like a chicken" or anything else of that nature. You remain fully in control and your moral compass intact.

Hypnosis is an extremely versatile tool; highly effective when used for development purposes. Working with a variety of skills such as, confidence, self-belief, motivation, and much more. Self-Improvement programmes are available and personalised to your requirements. Click here to view prices. 

What does hypnosis feel like?

Often likened to day dreaming, where you lose interest in the outside world and focus on the inner world. Commonly experienced when driving a car, suddenly wondering how you arrived at your destination. I have recently added a  "taster session" for nervous clients. Click here to view prices. 

How many sessions do I need?

Anything from 2 to 4 sessions for moderate conditions, complex issues may need 4 to 6. It very much depends on the complexity and history of the individual. I offer a free no obligation, telephone consultation to help assess and advise accordingly.  

How do I book?

Finding the right therapist is extremely important and sometimes difficult to gauge from a website alone. Your free consultation is a chance to explore options before deciding next steps. Complimentary email support is included in your booking. Please click here to arrange your FREE consultation today.

Do you offer self-hypnosis recordings?

Yes, I currently offer personalised mp3 recordings, (sent via Dropbox) , where you can listen at your convenience. Current popular requests center around, Manifesting: love, money, career, Overcoming blocks, Connecting to guides/higher self, Future projection, Astral planes/akashic records etc.  

Past Life Regression

What is it?

Recovering what is believed to be memories of past lives, through gentle hypnosis. Many people around the world believe in reincarnation and that memories, emotions, from those past life events are stored inside the body on a subconscious level. Sometimes, these memories affect current life, physically, emotionally, or in some cases both.


What can it help with?

Clients have a wide range of reasons for exploring past lives, many are looking for answers that may relate to unexplained events in their current lives and some are simply curious. Here are a few areas where regression may help:

  • Irrational fears/phobias

  • Recurring dreams/nightmares

  • Unusual birthmarks

  • Relationship issues or patterns

  • Connections to places, people, historical events.

  • Starseed origins

Regardless of your belief system, PLR can be a fascinating and insightful experience. When used as part of a therapeutic programme, it has the potential to bring about healing and transformation. 


Please click here to arrange your FREE telephone consultation today.

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Regression Therapy

What is it?

A highly transformative therapy helping overcome barriers, and limitations. Through a variety of techniques, we go back to the root cause of the issue instead of treating symptoms alone. Explored through two possible areas; Current Life Regression (possibly childhood events) and/or Past Life Regression. By going back to the source of the problem we seek to heal, reframe, and transform. 


An integrated approach designed to bring health and wellbeing back into alignment.


What can it help with?

Some examples include:

  • Trauma/Abuse

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • low energy levels 

  • Self-sabotage/Procrastination

  • Issues around responsibility/power/control

  • Weight 

Please click here to arrange your FREE telephone consultation today.

Life Between Lives LBL

What is it?

A regression technique pioneered by Dr Michael Newton. During the 60's, he discovered many of his PLR clients were bringing forward similar information such as; what happens to the soul after death, where it goes, what it does in between each incarnation etc. Over time, this ground breaking research, led him to develop the process we use today; helping find deeper meaning to the experience we call "life". 


Some 60 years later, it is widely accepted that we have indeed planned many aspects of our lives prior to incarnating; chosen our paths, planned soul lessons, selected family members, even chatted these potential plans through with soul group members prior to incarnating on earth. 

LBL is a unique opportunity, helping us find a deeper understanding of all aspects of our lives and the souls journey. Considered "the next" step for those passionate about regression. 


How do I book?

Past Life regression is a pre requisite for LBL. If you have recently had a session, with me or any another practitioner, it may serve as preparation Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further.

Please click here to arrange you FREE consultation today.

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Reg Therapy


What is it?

Sometimes described as a type of brain training, where one uses a technique to train attention and awareness to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Also, an umbrella term, for a variety of techniques used to create a relaxed state of being. Whilst there is no one universally accepted description, what can be agreed upon is the many benefits to health and wellbeing.

We live in a demanding and fast paced world and may not always be able to change or stop some of those events from happening, but we can change the way in which we react, think, and feel. Meditation is an amazing internal support system, free and accessible to all.  

How do I start? 

Try this simple method 5 minutes per day for 4 weeks. Sit quietly, eyes closed and count as you breathe in/out. If thoughts pop into your mind, observe without judgement, and focus back on silently counting your breath. Once a  comfortable rhythm has been established, heart rate and breath will slow down into a nice relaxed state. You may, at some point, consider increasing your session time or it may happen organically, either way, there is no pressure to do so. And if you do happen to miss a session, simply pick back up when next convenient. Some people like to   journal thoughts/experiences, after their  session however, it is simply a matter of personal preference.


Over time, this simple discipline will seem effortless as it becomes part of your daily routine; a bit like brushing your teeth!  I wish you well on your journey, mine can be found under "my meditation journey". Wishing you the very best of luck.


If you prefer personal support, online/in person coaching sessions are available.  Alternately, why not book a private class for 6 of your friends and family. Further information can be found under "pricing" or on the "join me" page.


Please click here there to book or discuss further 

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